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About Us

Nurture Eats is born and bred in sunny Singapore. It is Muslim-owned and we’ve been known to turn familiar treats upside down with our own crazy ideas.  Exhibit A: Our famous Cheesecake Lactation Loaf! We took a classic banana bread recipe,  added a great deal of goodness into it and made it not just more wholesome, but also healthier and a potent milk booster! 

Our business has grown organically for the past few years because of our amazing customers who have shared their love for our bakes with the people they love! Our products do not contain any preservatives, colorings or supplements such as fenugreek and Brewers Yeast, making it perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy!

We’re not big on following trends. But we’re 100 when it comes to creating delectable bakes that can be enjoyed by our mamas and everyone in the family! The world is our oyster.

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